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Dornheim DICOM Viewer

View and understand medical 3D images

Have you been to an MRI, CT or ultrasound examination and your physician handed you a CD with your medical data? Would you like to see the scans of your body, but the included program is too complicated or does not support your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux)? Maybe you are a medical expert and want to offer your patients a 3D presentation of the medical data, which you have available in the DICOM format? Then you are at the right place here.


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Reliably and quickly,
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Displays medical image data
from MRI, CT, X-ray or ultrasound


Segmenter Viewer

Measure and edit medical 3D data

Do you have medical image data and want want to prepare meaningful pictures or appealing video animations for your presentations or publications? Or do you have patients and would like them to recognize and understand more in their MRI, CT or X-Ray data? Perhaps you are also active in teaching and want to provide your students a software to help them to comprehend anatomical structures?


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With Dornheim Segmenter, we open up the world of volume data and 3D models for you. Immerse yourself in your data, you see more than others and you have full control.

And the best part – Dornheim Segmenter is so easy and convenient to use that you can always focus on your data. Get to know our products below. Everything is available for you – from a DICOM viewer to a comprehensive segmentation and analysis suite.

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Segmenter Modeler

Ideal for creating 3D models

The Segmenter Modeler combines all the functions of the products “Dornheim DICOM Viewer” and “Segmenter Viewer”, and offers a variety of tools for the creation and processing of 3D models from medical data sets. Choose from a variety of tools to generate 3D models on the basis of your medical image data, e.g. MRI, CT or ultrasound images. You decide in which color and transparency the 3D models are represented.


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Segmenter Analyzer

The flagship of the Segmenter editions

Segmenter Analyzer combines all the functions of the products “Dornheim DICOM Viewer”, “Segmenter Viewer” and “Segmenter Modeler” and offers a variety of tools for data analysis. Comprehensive analysis options allow you to precisely quantify your data records, whether it is geometric measurements, such as distances, cross-sections, or volumes, or complex analyzes, e.g. porosity calculations.


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